Crystal Clear
International Calls!


Callback Service

We call you back as an incoming call, then connect you to your destination number when you answer.

Internet to
Phone service

If your WIFI or 3/4G is stable, you can make a clear international call at a great price.


No international dial-in numbers and no pin codes, start a conference call any time from any phone.

Use any phone, anywhere in the world.

3 tiers of service

Platinum VIP, Gold & Discount service levels, helping you save the most money possible.


Send SMS messages to any mobile phone worldwide.

Business Accounts

Leverage a single company balance across multiple employees and centralize your company's international calling.

Loving the Spaxtel service. I call customers worldwide - Middle East, Africa, North America and Europe and the call quality is always good. The Spaxtel Android App ROCKS, two key presses on my phone and I am talking to my client on my mobile or my home phone. Our company is going to adopt your system for the teams that use long distance. Thanks for offering a solution to our Skype® problems. Edward Hoffman

Rythym China

Spaxtel is perfect for your important business calls!

Use any phone, anywhere in the world, to make international calls. No connection fees, no fine print - it just works!