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Introducing SpaxTel for Business

an outstanding international calling experience with excellent call quality, centralized administration and it works worldwide, with or without Internet.

Financial Directors Love SpaxTel

Are you responsible for the international calling costs in your company? If so, we want to speak with you. SpaxTel will centralize your international calling across the organization and give you fine grain call history information even when employees are calling on local SIM cards or other non-company issued phones.

Employees Love SpaxTel

With SpaxTel, your employees will enjoy flexible international calling wherever they are in the world. Using the SpaxTel app, employees can connect internationally with business grade call quality, from any phone... even when they are without Internet access.

Your employees will love the freedom that SpaxTel offers, such as not needing to search for a good WIFI connection to make an important call or changing how they make calls in each country.

Easy To Use and Simple To Set Up

A SpaxTel business account can be set up and ready to use within 24 hours. A single online dashboard controls everything. So intuitive, it is mastered by the administrator in minutes. No contract, no monthly fee, no expenses to reimburse, no Internet required for calling - SpaxTel is a smarter way to connect.

SpaxTel for Business Be Connected

What our Customers think

Being able to initiate calls via slow internet signal and then enjoy clear communication using the callback feature has enabled us to stay in touch when in stone-age internet coverage.

SpaxTel has been a life-saver for our geographically spread out team.
Erik Engineer
We needed a global calling solution that provided superior call quality, was cost effective and easy to use. SpaxTel has met those requirements and more with the ability to make calls without an internet connection, to manage users via a central dashboard and conference calling. SpaxTel reduced our communication expense and increased our ease of communicating.
Andy President
Before SpaxTel we really had no control over our international calling costs especially when our salespeople were on the road in the Middle East and Asia.

SpaxTel has saved us over 50% on our international calls and our employees love the app mostly because of the crystal clear no drop connections!
JR Founder/ CEO
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