Joining Spaxtel - My Story

Let me start by introducing myself and the story behind why I became a Spaxtel user. I liked the product so much it led me down a path that put me on the Spaxtel team as head of their Sales and Marketing division.

When I first arrived in China a year ago, like all green western expats I had to come to terms with what the China Internet had to offer! “My Facebook has stopped working“, “I can’t download my Gmail account“.  At first I put it down to the hotel Wifi but I had niggles in the back of my mind about China blocking access on the Internet. Next its all about VPN this and Wechat that. I’m sure you’ve been there.

What is important to me is talking to my wife and family back in the UK on a daily basis. Skype and Viber were ok most of the time but it started to become very frustrating when they kept dropping out and we just wanted a clear 10-minute conversation. Due to the time difference I could be anywhere when the time came to call. Wherever I was though, when the time came around, it was important that I had a clear line of communication.

Then I remembered getting a card and downloading an App with some free credit to make international calls. Well I thought, I’ll give it a go and use up that free credit. Thank you very much. However after it lasted a lot lot longer than I expected, I was hooked and made my first recharge of $15 without even thinking about it.

I love Spaxtel because it gives me freedom. I don’t have to stay in a café or bar when I am on a call. I can go from place to place, make a call from a taxi or move to somewhere more private if I need to. I have started to use it more for work as well because I am not restricted to making international calls only when I was in the office. On Spaxtel’s rates I am happy to pay for the call myself.

So how did I end up as Sales and Marketing Director of this company? Well it all started over a pizza and a beer one Friday night in Willy’s Crab Shack but that story is for next time…………….

Spaxtel is perfect for your important business calls!

Use any phone, anywhere in the world, to make international calls. No connection fees, no fine print - it just works!